Kudos and praise are central to many day-to-day activities, whether at work or play. They are built into everyday life, from apps like Strava to points on your Boots card. When on the receiving end, it can be a wonderful boost to hear how well you are doing and there are a number of ways in which companies can effectively use employee advocacy.

1. It can help lead gen. More often that not, a current client that is spending money in one area of your business can also be a prospect for another. Through understanding the work done by different business lines, the opportunity to make more money can present itself.

2. It helps retain (and capture) talent. The argument for why employee advocacy increases talent retention must be fairly obvious by now. Not only does the employee feel valued but understands they are being given the platform to build their internal profile, an indication of company investment in them. 

3. It fosters a culture of communication. When we receive praise, we are often further encouraged to give it in return. This is much more likely to span the levels of hierarchy within a firm compared to normal channels of communication. It can build trust for management and influence for employees.

A worthwhile tool to invest in.