Earlier this year, Dr Claire El Mouden spoke at Passle's Hero Academy about gamification, habit creation and KPIs. She presented some research on what would motivate the workforce more: money or time?

It was presented as a question. Would you rather have 5 days extra pay per year, or 5 days extra holiday. A greater proportion of those asked answered 5 days holiday.

It seems We Buy Any Car have also found that this tactic is working better with their consumers. Their business is predominately focused on the time-saving aspect of selling your car, rather than the extra money you could make.  

Too often we are concerned with getting the cheapest deal. However that shouldn't be the only factor to consider. Perhaps the focus should be shifted to how we can save time and increase productivity. "It takes too long" is a common objection, from content creation, to book keeping. More often that not, the products that win are those that save you time.

This is again backed up by the fact that productivity apps are the most utilised apps across the Apple platform.