While the article I've referenced may just be about packaging and how products look better stripped back, it got me thinking about what would we see if a company's brand was stripped away.

Companies take pride in their brand. They've been built, perfected and nurtured by countless individuals, a usually fairly hefty budget and can take a lot of scrutiny. But once it's perfected, it is front and centre of every piece of content, event and communication that is created.

With the Nutella jar in the picture, what are we left with when all shiny packaging is taken away? Still an AMAZING and scrumptious product. And it's what we are all paying for anyway. 

So what would happen if we took a corporate brand away? What are you left with? The people

The people are what make the company. It is their knowledge and expertise that drives business growth and it's them that should be the main focus. Your brand should represent them.