It might seem counter-intuitive for someone who is, essentially, a digital marketer to exclaim that There Is More To Life Than Digital Marketing, but hear me out. 

As the tongue-in-cheek infographic below shows, there are perils to relying too heavily on a purely digital marketing strategy:

  1. Hard to stand out in the noise
  2. Lots of unreliable data
  3. Inauthentic and impersonal communications

That's not to say it has to be thrown out of the window entirely, and strong rebuttals can be made for each of these points (including by me!). The tools, channels, and platforms used for digital marketing can and should be kept: it's the way they're used that needs to change. 

The crux is that when it comes to high-value sales and marketing, one-size-fits-all ends up fitting no one. It doesn’t make the most of the value of your experts, and it doesn’t appeal to the experts that you are targeting at other organizations.

Increasingly then, we've been adopting an expert-to-expert approach to marketing here at Passle.

The Benefits of Expert-to-Expert Marketing

  • No outsourcing. You are making the most of your existing resources by empowering your experts to develop their personal brand.
  • Clear results. No more getting tangled in pages and pages of analytics – you can easily see where your efforts are working or failing.
  • Timely. Your experts will be creating relevant and timely content further positioning your enterprise as a thought leader in its field(s).
  • Teamwork. An expert-to-expert approach raises the credibility of the whole organization, not just individuals.

If you want to find out more about expert-to-expert marketing, do drop my colleagues an email at