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Blockchain and Marketing: Match Made in Heaven?

Blockchain isn't going anywhere, in fact its uses are increasingly being discussed outside of the remit of Bitcoin and into other domains including sales, votes, loyalty cards, advertising, and, yes, marketing.

There are several reasons why blockchain is attractive: it's unhackable, and provides transparent records without giving away your identity. The article below shows how it could reduce advertising fraud since it would only record (and charge) for only genuine click throughs to websites, thus saving companies a tremendous amount of money.

With GDPR around the corner, blockchain could also offer a potential solution to the thorny situation of data-storing and handling. Something as unhackable as blockchain would allow the data to be shared without compromising safety.

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin then you most likely have heard of blockchain, the technology that enables Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to exist and function. The technology is forecast to disrupt many industries as it allows users to conduct transactions without a middleman in a secure and transparent format.


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