This is my first Passle post in a while. To say I fell off the wagon is a bit of a understatement! But it hasn't just been with my writing, I haven't been getting enough sleep, I haven't done any exercise and so many of my goals have gone untouched.

I think that the reason people fall off the wagon in the first place is that they have given themselves goals that are aren't achievable. Say you have 5 big goals. When you look at them individually, they seem more than doable. For example, I'm going to get 8 hours of sleep, or I'm going to eat healthily. What you forget is that only one of these goals can have your main focus and when you have lots, you can never give each of them your full attention. I know there are some superheroes out there, but this is the way my brain works!

I've been in this situation before, where I suddenly realise I need to make a change and try and do everything at the same time = massive failure. I can last a few weeks before I burn out and am back to square one.

This time I'm going to do something different. I'm going to set myself achievable goals. I know I am capable of writing a Passle post every week, but my target for the next few months is going to be one a fortnight. Passle has a new tool that allows you to set your own targets and sends helpful reminders. You will see me writing my posts on Monday's, as that is our deadline for our Tuesday newsletter. And that is the only goal I am going to set myself this month. Once I am back in this habit, I will re-evaluate and either up this to one a week OR add another goal in, i.e. exercising 3 times a week. 

So if you haven't seen a post from me in 2 weeks time, feel free to give me a painful nudge in the ribs!