I attended a rather brilliant event last night, hosted by one of our clients, everis. The theme of the event was "Attitude" and it was the brain-child of Pep Torres who seems to have a rare gift for combining properly original thinking with the ability to deliver right down to the tiny details. 

The evening really was different, so often in business you go to events where the packaging really doesn't match the contents. However, the entire feeling of the evening was relaxed but professional (even though one of the requirements was that everyone sit on the floor during the performance).

What was most striking for me, as a person that thinks about communications between professionals, was that the bit I remember most was the content of David Costa's speech. The values and aspiration of the organisation were made crystal clear. 

It brought home the importance of clarity in leadership communications. Everything was staged brilliantly but at it's core this thoroughly enjoyable event had a clear purpose, that was only enhanced by watching Cirque du Soleil in an office building near Oxford Street.