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The GDPR opportunity to reset relationships

Tom Libretto of Pegasystems talks below about the effects of GDPR and how it represents both a burden and an opportunity. Specifically, he frames GDPR as "An opportunity to establish a more trust-oriented relationship."

This is both a very positive view of GDPR and a sensible way of looking at how you interact with your clients. In Professional Services particularly, trust has to be at the core of the relationship. Fundamentally, the client must trust either trust their advisors or fire them. 

As a result, any communications or actions that undermine that trust are detrimental to the company and should be stopped. In this light, the EU driving business to better behaviours will be good for both companies and their customers.

Pega CMO Tom Libretto and EMEA Managing Director David Wells discuss the impacts of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on customer engagement at Pega’s Customer Engagement Summit in Munich.


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