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The convergence of feedback loops in InsTech, Sleep apps and Content Marketing

Yesterday I installed a tracker on my car's dashboard for the first time, it enables my insurer to track my driving habits. I was ambivalent at best about allowing my data to be collected but this morning I opened my app to check the device was working correctly and was greeted by the screen captured below. 

It seems I'm on-track for gold and I have 82 points! Pretty good I thought. Just what specifically is going to be gold and how 82 points will advance my health, wealth or happiness is left unexplained. However, the reason I generated these virtual treasures is spelled out clearly, teaching me to drive more safely in future.

A colleague here uses a sleep tracker app that similarly advises how to get a better night, nearly everyone seems to use a fitness tracker and, of course, we use feedback and scores here at Passle to help our authors build their influence as experts. 

All of this shows our behaviours are highly influenced by feedback and scores so when you're setting your New Year's resolutions this January, do make sure you set goals you can track.


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