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The latest marketing and sales technology #marketingexpo18

With only a few days to go until one of the biggest sales and marketing event in Europe, I have only just started to wrap my head around just how much there is going on over the course of two days - there are four expos running alongside each other, with a staggering 500+ seminars and keynotes. If you are like me a bit lost initially on which to attend, here are a couple interesting speakers that have caught my eye:

Winnie Palmer @ Connect2tech - Digital Transformation & human touch

Interesting to hear Winnie's take on how to apply a human touch within technology adoption / digital transformation processes.

Andrew Platt @ MC Saatchi Mobile - What is next for mobile marketing. 

As we (Passle) have recently rolled out our new iOS app, I’m particularly interested to hear what wider integrated marketing approaches to consider on mobile.

Daniel Waas @ Gotowebinar - The Webinar Bootcamp

Webinars was an integral part of business development in my previous role, looking forward to hearing Daniel's tips on how to make this a success.

Andrew Fryer @ Microsoft - Everybody needs a bit of science in their data

On application of business intelligence and data development to decision making

Scott Brinker @ Chief Martech - Mastering Marketing Technology

On managing new innovations and marketing technologies

Passle's founder Tom will also be speaking at MTEX on Wednesday 12.30pm. If you are attending the event please do come say hi at our stand!


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