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How to transform your sales and marketing to a buyer-centric and account based approach

If you are trying to transform your sales and marketing to a buyer-centric and account based approach, this video by Kelvin Gee and Chip Woerner explains the process Oracle went through to achieve this.

To hit the ‘sweet spot’ of content that will build relationships and progress deals with your key accounts, as Kelvin describes, you need to understand both what your customers needs are and what you bring to the table. This requires two simple steps:

1. Those closest to the client must feed back what the challenges and opportunities are. Your experts are bale then to create relevant and timely content.

2. This content now needs to be made available to those closest to the client (often sales) to distribute via their personal social networks. It is important the content is shared on a human-to-human basis with the people that they are building a relationship with. This usually involves adding a small amount of personal context.

Here is a simply diagram to explain this process (feedback is key for this to be sustainable):

As Kelvin says, producing ‘selfies’ or content about your products cannot be used early in the buyers journey. In addition ‘doing batch and blast and spray and pray’ simply does not work any longer. This focused and buyer-centric approach not only will resonate with your audience but also with your sales team who will realise the value in putting the content to work. 


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