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When "Hero" Content Goes Right - #SAPTennis

At Passle we often talk with our clients about the "Hero, Hub, Hygiene Content Pyramid" - a concept originally used by Google and YouTube but more recently it has been used to frame content strategies at B2B organisations.

We usually talk about the "Hub" (the regular, timely, expert-led content) here at Passle because that's what we work with our clients on.  We talk less about the "Hero" content (The big event, the white paper, the 50 page research report) but today that's exactly what I'm going to talk about.

As a former tennis player it is fantastic to see some familiar faces from my time at The Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy at this year's Wimbledon. Most impressively is Kei Nishikori who has had an incredible career to date rising up the ranks and until recently still with our old coach!

At the academy we spent a lot of time reviewing our game, after a full day on court we would sit in the strategy zone and dissect statistics, movements and results. As I watch two of the leading female players on Centre Court I found myself doing the same thing through the WTA website. 

Very quickly I realised that this is actually powered by SAP. Reading a little further, their technology is providing detailed analytics behind every stroke for the coaches, players, fans and journalists. A very nice example of Hero content indeed! 

Hero content works well (just walk into Heathrow Terminal 5) but works even better is when the message is also delivered in a personal manner by those who hold key relationships. 

Following the games on twitter I picked up that Jens Amil, Managing Director SAP UK&I, is doing this (see tweet on the right handside), pulling in his authentic story, message behind this content. 

Getting a busy person like Jens to contribute is not always going to be easy but really demonstrates that to get your team to be involved in your content strategy people need to be interested and see the value in aligning with their own brand. 

However, if you do manage this, the authenticity of experts delivering their insight to the experts to your clients/prospect will be the most effective form of communication you can do. 


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