The relationship between Marketing and Sales is notoriously fraught in Business-to-Business organisations, however adopting an Expert-to-Expert approach can help enormously. 

A key premise of Expert-to-Expert is that content is produced by an expert in a supplier organisation and delivered at a time that is materially helpful to the expert buyer, and advances the aims of both organisations. This is a simple goal which few in either Sales or Marketing would argue with. However, the constraint is often that Marketing are charged with creating content but are not "in the room" while Sales speak with their clients, which makes it very difficult for them to write or commission commercially-relevant content. This problem becomes more acute as organisations become larger. 

However, if a process is implemented whereby the relationship holders feed a stream of content suggestions to the relevant experts, it becomes far easier to create content that will be of value to the client. 

The effect of this is to enable a key marketing weapon, content, to map the sales pipeline and align their marketing with sales' needs.