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Expertise in storytelling - the devil is in the detail.

So much of what we consume we hardly consider.

I'd never thought much about the calendar notifications I hear all the time until I watched this video by Microsoft that shows sound designer Matthew Bennet and his process in the design of what is barely 2 seconds worth of sound.

It's fascinating to hear how much thought has gone into that tiny sound. Matthew is clearly highly experienced in his domain and it shows in this video. 

Microsoft are showcasing one small detail here. But they are also actually sending a powerful message - down to the smallest sound, the details of Microsoft products are highly considered and created by real genuine experts.

The way that this story is told, in the words of Matthew himself, adds authenticity, a human touch and brings us as potential consumers closer to the product we are considering.

This is not Microsoft saying "We’re on a mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more" (their corporate mission). This is Microsoft showing their dedication to their customers and featuring the clever people that make it possible.

It's a marketing trend I hope grows.

Learn how Microsoft sound designer Matthew Bennett is cutting through the noise to create a more useful, beautiful ‘sound world’ for technology. Read more at


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