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When should an email become a blog post?

I recently ran a workshop with a leading law firm where the discussion focused on Expert-to-Expert marketing and how they as the subject matter experts could create content for one client or individual whilst accommodating the wider market. 

As lawyers, the most important thing you can do to grow your key accounts is to be a good lawyer and help your clients understand the law and it's application to them. There are often the same pieces of advice though that are relevant to a wider audience and so can be reused.

A good rule of thumb for creating a post is; 'if I have sent the same email 3 times, it should be a piece of content'. 

This is an external piece of content that sits publicly on the website and can be shared on social media. You are, in a very specific and relevant way, providing exactly the advice your clients, and the wider industry need. By doing this regularly, you become the trusted source of information and advice.

So the next time you think, "what should I write?", ask yourself instead if you have written the same email 3 times or more? Can you put that into a blog and address these points or challenges. If you can, then the content you create has the potential to reach key individuals in a very timely fashion!


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