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Digital transformation - Enable and empower those that want to lead

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly you cannot decide at HQ after a week of brainstorming and some group sessions to do 'Digital Transformation'.  You also cannot buy it. Most people have found that the process of transformation is difficult and more complex than they hoped. 

Change like this requires a lot of collective willpower. You need buy-in and a commitment to adopt a new process.

I was thinking about the best way to drive change after reading my colleague Tom's post  Creating more leaders - How winning firms create a leadership process. It seems that the most effective way to drive change is not to tell people to change, but rather empower and enable those that want to change to do so.  Other may (or may not) follow.  

The secret is to enable and empower those that want to change, create momentum by their success stories. identify any problems in your process through their experiences and most importantly create leaders.

As the quote below says it is not technology, diktats or software that drives change but the mindset of those we work with.

To quote Sir James Dewar, Scottish Physicist 1842-1923:

"Minds are like parachutes.  They only function when they are open"

Recently a Gartner analyst named Graham Waller described the mindset that makes it hard for organizations to change — and he advised CIO’s to become “cultural hackers.” Here’s how the WSJ summarized part of his message: “The tool that most needs upgrading is not software. It’s that soft squishy thing, between the ears. It’s the mind, or, to be more specific, the mindset, the unseen processes that automatically turn on and off in response to a task or a situation…


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