1 Time:

One of the first things we decided to do was to limit the time of our initial podcasts to 5-minute interviews. Partly this was make it a simpler task but also to make them a bit more 'Passle' - Get in, make your point and leave. To get going I would really recommend this approach - though no doubt, once you are in the swing, other formats may suit you better.

2 Being Professional:

I'm sure it is because I am not a professional broadcaster but I really struggled to record the same piece twice. The first time, in the interview format, I was answering the questions to a plausibly interested audience. The second time felt weird and inauthentic. The second take is much harder than the first.

3 Quality:

It was striking to us how good the sound quality was, even with a basic microphone and standard PC/ Mac software. So no excuses!