Last week I had the pleasure of attending the annual Legal Services conference hosted by Jepson Holt. Whilst it was a great event with engaging speakers throughout, the way Sandy Lindsay MBE of Tangerine Communications spoke of her insistent drive for continual development and growth was particularly inspirational. 

It lead me to research means for continual development, one result that featured regularly was that of the business podcast. I was amazed to learn that the number of weekly podcast listeners in the UK has almost doubled in the last five years – from 3.2m in 2013 to 5.9m in 2018. (Ofcom, 2018) 

On the back of this, as well as ongoing recommendations from my colleague David Kirk, who created the post - My Podcast Recommendations - Scaling your Business, Innovation, Technology and Healthy Living -  I decided to start listening to Masters of Scale. The result of which meaning I can truly resonate with the quote below - the ease and ability to productively multitask (whilst commuting in my instance), coupled with a real sense of intimacy that can only be achieved through the use of spoken word, lead me to understanding why there had been such a drastic uptake in podcast consumption. In-turn agreeing with a Marc Andresseen quote, put forward by Adam Elgar, that 'Audio is going to be titanically important', particularly in the B2B sector.