The 2019 study below echoes the findings of previous years. It starts with a definition of Thought Leadership (below). I think this is important as it ties in with Edelman's trust barometer which states the most credible people in your organisation are company technical experts.

The points below summarise what makes good thought leadership (as explained in the report):

  • Provide valuable insight
  • Be relevant
  • Set a vision for the future
  • Delivery from a trusted source
  • Be concise through bite-sized content

What is also interesting from a sales perspective, is that the list above mirrors what a good response to questions from a buyer in a sales meeting would be...

The report also explains why Thought Leadership is valuable for demand generation. On slide 16 it says 'quality thought leadership pieces are scarce' which indicates that there is a big opportunity for firms to beat the competition by making sure their content follows the guidance listed above.