Clients occasionally ask for the data about their own employees reading their content to be removed from the data about external readers. From a data analysis point of view, this makes sense; the two types of users have very different commercial relevance. 

However, the data about internal readers is often not analysed or considered, the internal readers are simply stripped out and ignored. However, for a business strategy to succeed, people need to fully understand it so internal readers are critical to business success. This is particularly true in complex organisations where business units often have differing priorities and directions of travel.

Within these organisations, each of the units will have its own leadership team with a strategy that they want to succeed within the larger firm. Communicating that strategy and how it fits into an ever-changing context is critical to the team's success. 

AECOM has recently launched an initiative called "Freedom to Grow", which has really simple principle that "if it works for you, your team and your client then it works for AECOM". As David Barwell, AECOM UK & Ireland Chief Executive, put it: “When our people grow, our business grows too, so helping our employees to thrive and flourish is a top priority for us. When we get to do more of what we’re naturally good at and enjoy it’s like paddling a canoe alongside the current – not against it.

Enabling every member of each team to know which way the water is flowing requires continual communication from all the leaders in the organisation; with the client, with partners and with the internal team in equal parts.