Your buyers will be researching you online. Both your company, and in the case of delivering specialist B2B services, you as an individual as well.

Now LinkedIn is certainly one place you can look to establish your domain authority. Having a profile on your website is absolutely another. The search engines however, will collate all your online profiles and content publications into one place.

What is it then, that your prospective and existing clients are going to see when they search your name on Google for example?

Whilst this might sound like a self-indulgent exercise, it is worth checking yourself to see what the search of your name returns (in the case of sharing your name with a celebrity, you might have to be more specific and include your company name in the search!).

A great way to take control of these results, is to start regularly publishing content. In doing so, not only will you be able to share your insight on topics that are important to your clients, all of your profiles associated the content will start to rise up the rankings, as well as your content appearing when people are searching about the niche topics in which you have expertise.

Ultimately, when building your profile online, the objective is to establish trust and credibility. Once you start to control how your digital real estate is presented (this won’t happen overnight) you will be better placed to influence your key contacts.