We were thrilled to host our first ever Passle Super User Workshop this morning, where our clients were able to hear from each other and advise on best practice when creating content. 

Our third and final speakers were Siobhan Moriarty and Geraint Lloyd-Taylor from Lewis Silkin. Siobhan heads up the Business Development team and Geraint is a Partner in Advertising and Marketing law. The talk focused on how to use content to engage with the people who are key to your business, drawing on Lewis Silkin's experiences. 

Here are a just a few of my key takeaways from the fantastic presentation: 

  • Don't be afraid to push content out and learn from your previous posts. It is better to keep improving than delaying the process and less content will be produced. 
  • Keep track of what works well with content and implement this strategy across the wider firm. This can be done using metrics or by looking at internal success stories. 
  • It is important to understand that success sometimes isn't just the number of likes on content, but also the conversation it leads to with key contacts.
  • Keep your insights very timely, be the first to comment on industry news and add your insight.
  • Don't forget the value of sharing content internally and utilising different networks. If colleagues are sharing each others' content, then the content will have a much further reach.
  • Activate all the voices within your organisation, no matter what level they are at. Writing content is a great way of building a personal brand which is particularly beneficial for junior employees.