Every week we send around the Passle newsletter. Full of fresh content and insights from everyone here at Passle. 

Despite the fact that we're a small and really busy team, we get enough content each week to send out a new newsletter. Sometimes its a bit touch and go whether we'll have enough content for a weekly mailout. 

Below are my 3 easy tips for generating content or your next social post, newsletter, or nurture campaign.

1. Republish old content

Every content piece takes a lot of effort to produce. Using it as much as possible is essential. A new title, imagery and a general spruce up turns an old post into a new content piece.

I've often republished my own posts if I don't get the response I want from them. More often than not someone will share it and say that this is a great new post I've written - not knowing that it's been on our blog for weeks.

Look for insights that are evergreen, as relevant today as they were when they were published. If you aren't resurfacing these insights - you're missing a trick.

2. Break down a larger piece

In the same theme as above, large whitepapers are a massive effort to produce. But they are also a treasure trove of insights to be explored. Each nugget of information in a whitepaper is worth a short piece explaining it and promoting the larger thought leadership piece. 

My colleague Freddy Dobinson put it well in his post - Why create a single when you have enough content for an album? Sharing your insights in a series of posts.

3. Write something yourself

How does the saying go? If you want something done - do it yourself. A short quick insight can round out a content newsletter or be just what is needed for a content campaign. Just be sure that you are writing for someone specific and adding value for the audience - rather than writing for the sake of it.