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"If there is one general law of communication, it is that we never communicate as effectively as we think we do." Charles Handy

Charles Handyargues that in Professional Services, Leadership not Management is paramount. And further since "The utmost essential key to great leadership is communication", communication is therefore the primary tool of management.

, a prominent management theorist,

That customers look for ethical alignment in their purchases is not new, but it feels that it is becoming ever more important. Edelman's recent Trust Barometer suggests that some 58% of employees "look to their employer to be a trustworthy source of information about contentious societal issues.... [and] 71 percent of employees believe it’s critically important for “my CEO” to respond to challenging times."

At Passle we would contend that, when dealing with complex issues, and bright staff, one very effective way to lead is by engaging with the matters of the day around your sector and communicating those views effectively and efficiently with employees and customers. 

This shows not only your expertise but also that you are, broadly speaking, trying to do the right thing in difficult times.

Mr Handy argues that most organisations whose principal assets are skilled people, such as universities or law firms, tend not to use the term “manager”. Those in charge of them are called deans, directors or partners. Their real job is best described as leadership rather than management. And one of the primary functions of leadership is setting the right purpose for an organisation.


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