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How Business Development, Marketing, Authors & Sharers can benefit from Passle

Each part of your business has a different role to play and a different way in which Passle can help. We’ll cover how each of the teams in your organisation can use and benefit from the platform.


Content from Passle makes the job of communicating with and informing the market much easier for marketers. Marketing can use Passle to:

  • Share client engagement success stories
  • Leverage content to promote events and campaigns
  • Deliver Passle content to market through central communication channels
  • Power marketing automation and opportunity nurture campaigns

Sales & Business Development

Sales and business development people can use Passle to build trust, demonstrate value and nurture opportunities. They can use Passle to:

  • Suggest topics for authors based on the needs of clients and opportunities
  • Send Passle content to open doors to new opportunities
  • Nurture existing opportunities with relevant content
  • Establish the firm and themselves as the trusted advisor


Expert authors have an opportunity to grow their own personal brand, inform their clients and drive value for their business. They can use Passle to:

  • Add their insights to industry news and developments
  • Support their own individual clients and the wider organisation’s client base
  • Position themselves and the firm as trusted advisors
  • Deliver value to the firm's most important clients and prospects

Sharers (The Wider Firm)

Armed with valuable expert content, the wider firm can share the firm’s expertise out to their clients, prospects and wider network. Sharers can use Passle to:

  • Position themselves as valuable sources of information
  • Build their profile inside and outside of the firm
  • Listen to the market and send suggestions to authors
  • Share relevant content with their own network


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