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Being a hero today is to not look away

Last Wednesday marked World Kindness Day. Kindness is nothing new and yet to experience kindness bestowed upon oneself is not always an every day occurrence.

Why might this be? It's certainly the case that to demonstrate kindness is sometimes perceived as weakness or even unfocused on achievement. You only have the watch The Apprentice for a matter of seconds for evidence of this. Kindness is not a word you'd necessarily see in a list of company values. 

However, in a time when rates of depression and anxiety are rocketing, kindness could be a simple, yet powerful antidote. When we are kind to someone, it not only helps them, but it is scientifically proven to improve our own health. Kindness lowers anxiety, it builds self esteem, it gives energy and its good for your heart. It's also good for business.

When talking about kindness, it's also very important to be kind to oneself. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, allow yourself to be you and embrace your imperfections. 

To treat people with kindness and to help them instead of turning away from a problem is what it is to demonstrate kindness. This will surely propel the world to a better place and make everybody happier and healthier as a result. 

When we are kind to someone, it doesn’t just help that person, it is scientifically proven to improve our own physical and mental health as well.


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