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Is technology actually making communication easier for leaders?

Communication is being made 'easier' for us every day by technology and during these unprecedented times, this is critical whilst we all work remotely.  

However, the irony of this is that it can make effective communication harder. Delivering a message via a different medium to the good old fashioned spoken word can be misinterpreted and can also sometimes not mean as much. When delivering a message as a leader, it's important to share the vision with the audience, so they feel part of the journey.

In any business, communication can go array and this can cause information to become a currency very quickly. How can you go about communicating effectively?
The ideal situation is to talk to everyone individually, and in person. If this isn't possible, consider having a weekly slot in the various team meetings or perhaps a newsletter on a timely basis. Or call an All-Hands regularly.

With regards to hiring, consider the impact that a phone call can make to a candidate or a new hire before they join. Whilst also being mindful of their availability of course. But even a voicemail can be meaningful. Someone took the time to call you instead of just sending an email or a text. Conversely, email and text is very useful for conversing at high volume, and it is infinitely better than not communicating at all with someone.

When it comes to most problems, you can often trace the root cause to a breakdown in communication. Something said the wrong way, or not at all, can lead to assumptions that create unnecessary challenges.


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