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Struggling to find inspiration for writing content?

When inspiration strikes, writing content comes so naturally. But if you are on a deadline or are struggling to meet a content target, writing content might as well be drawing blood from a stone.

Rather than looking at a blank screen, the answer is to step outside the content writing bubble and look for inspiration.

Here are 3 key areas to help those lacking in inspiration: 

Industry updates: 

Look out for the latest update in your industry and rather than publishing or sharing the update (there are many platforms/news outlets that will already be doing this) disseminate what this means to your clients. This does not need to be excessively longthe importance here is adding value to the conversation, as can be shown in the post below created by Christine Hart of the Brabners Employment team, advising how employers should act in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Employers Brace for the Impact of Coronavirus

Client conversations:

If there is a discussion or talking point that is regularly coming up with clients, use the topic as a basis for a piece of content. If there is an interest or concern from a selection of your clients, the likelihood is that other clients or prospective clients will be interested in the solution, or at least learning more. 


Analyzing market trends or providing a forecast of the year ahead can provide an informative, timely piece of content.  Think state of nation type post.  Imagine you are talking directly to a key contact.


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