Punit Renjen, Deloitte's recently re-elected global CEO, published this thoughtful, short and highly relevant article this morning for business leaders. I think it really brings out a few of the key themes. 

For some, this will be a human tragedy, lives will be lost. Good businesses also will go under. For many, the fruit of years of work will wither in weeks - through no fault of their own. So a human and empathetic response is the baseline. 

Equally, you must do your utmost to ensure that your business is secure - that you are able to support your colleagues and their families when many will not. That is your job.

The scale of the response to the virus has mobilised (or demobilised) more people in a common endeavour, more quickly than ever before so speed of response is paramount.

In professional services, you have a skill-set that is able to help your clients in times of need. That time is now. They need your help and your guidance. Clear communication is key.

And finally, 'the long view'. It is likely that this going to be a fairly short but very bumpy ride. When we emerge, you need to be well set to engage with the new environment. So we all need to think about what that is likely to look like - and how our firm is able to deliver the maximum value to our clients.