It was November 5th 2010, and as I looked out over Lake Karapiro moments before boating for the final of the 2010 Rowing World Championships, I saw the rolling waves smashing into the boating pontoon, and my heart sank. We were drawn to race in one of the more exposed lanes on the far side of the course. It was going to be choppy for everyone, but more so for the guys out in the far lanes. Our coach did a fine job that day of preparing with a brilliant pre-race chat on Controlling the Controllable's. We didn't come away with a medal on that day but I did learn a valuable lesson. 

As we navigate through uncertain times things will happen that will - excuse the pun- rock the boat, and it is important to bring your Focus to things that are in your control. Take a moment to evaluate - Are you wasting too much time stressing over things that are beyond your control e.g Checking the news every hour, or are you focusing on progressing your work/wellbeing/life goals?

We also have control of our Attitude or view of a situation, and this will shape our behaviours. When faced with a challenge many people will go to a default negative attitude, but the most successful sportspeople and I hedge my bet it is the same for business leaders, will challenge themselves to seek out the positives. Ask yourself, "Am I a radiator or a drain? - Am I radiating positivity to those around me, or am I draining it away?  If you want some positive news stories from the last week, my colleague Will has pulled together some gems here