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Covid-19 Professional Services Response Spotlight: Burges Salmon

We've seen lots of different marketing responses from professional services firms to the Covid-19 outbreak, some have adapted better than others and are able to stay virtually close to their clients and the market through the knowledge of their experts.

Here's a look at another strong performer, Burges Salmon, where we analyse their marketing approach and see how they are reaching the people that matter so effectively.

Speed - Same day content creation & sharing

At the moment, updates to legislation, policy and therefore strategy changes for clients are happening daily. What the team at Burges Salmon are doing excellently are responding within hours of updates and explaining their meaning for clients to receive the benefit of the Burges Salmon team’s expertise.

Critically, the team have been able to respond to developments quickly without sacrificing the quality of content being produced. Rather than a helter-skelter dash to be first - they are able to provide key insights and expertise quickly.

The insight below from Alice Honeywill is a good example. There is a statement in Parliament on Monday, by Wednesday we have a detailed breakdown of the implications by an expert.

Distributed Leadership - Empowering the Experts

With so many seismic shifts in industries taking place, it would be extremely difficult for one marketing team to respond with content quick enough, or indeed to fully understand the implications of each shift on the different markets Burges Salmon operate in.

By empowering experts within Burges Salmon with the tools and knowledge to take a lead on content, the marketing team have ensured that their firm can respond quickly, authentically and efficiently.

Employee Advocacy - Using the power of your people

Something we’ve noticed across the Passle network is that while visits to content have more doubled, visits from search engines are steady. This would suggest that the phenomenal increase in traffic is coming from social media, direct traffic and peer to peer sharing as people seek out trusted sources of information. 

Burges Salmon have taken advantage of this shift in behaviour, harnessing the networks of their partners, fee earners and the wider firm to make sure their content reaches the right people. Different people from all around the firm are sharing and discussing the firm’s content. 

Each of these shares adds up. When we looked into the hidden data behind sharing like this we found that on average the number of “likes” a post received translated into 10x the amount of traffic to the website and 100x the number of views on LinkedIn.

Relevant, valuable content - being helpful

We’ve seen how easy it is to fall into making “marketing noise” at the minute. It's a simple thing to say what everyone else is saying, to push a generic message or to focus on reach over substance.

When you scroll through the Burges Salmon content, you can see what they are focused on. Their content looks at granular issues that are facing their clients and prospects, offers genuine expertise and either deliver useful action steps or demystifies some element of the problem.

That formula is so simple but ensures that readers get useful information for their business every time they click on a Burges Salmon article. I’d assume Burges Salmon are benefitting from the bump we’re seeing across the board to legal content - but the value add strategy will see their readers come back and their brand benefit.


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