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Good News Stories- Week 8

Better late than is my round-up of the good news stories in the 8th week of lockdown.

Dutch farmer writes a message of hope in tulip field-  A farmer in the Netherlands has written a message of hope with the words ' Stay Strong' in one of his fields.  The farm hs also named their new two-tone tulip by the same two words.  See the full article here

Daniel Radcliffe delights fans with Harry Potter video reading- Radcliffe is taking part in the starry lockdown reading initiative and he recorded himself reading the first chapter from the first book.  See the full article here

Japanese aquarium urges public to video chat eels- The eels at Sumida Aquarium in Japan normally raise their head and are confronted with humans however their environment has been affected by the lack of visitors.  This has led to them becoming shy when keepers do the rounds and prompted owners to run a 'face showing festival'.  See the full article here

Stream #WITHME- Youtubers joined ranks to produce an upbeat NHS fundraiser which included 4 hours of challenges.  See the full article here

Violinist Benedetti offering free online music sessions- Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti has assembled a team of musicians to offer 3 weeks worth of free music classes that start on the 11th of May.  See the full article here

25% more flamingos migrate to Mumbai- After delaying their annual migration, Flamingos are now flocking to the area and staying due to the lack of human interaction in the wetlands.  See full article here

Love Island postponed until 2021- I know this will not be seen as good news to some but I personally see it as brilliant news!  People will have to wait until the summer of 2021 to watch the next instalment of the show.  See full article here

Princess Sofia scrubs in at a hospital in Sweden to clean and cook- After completing an intensive training course, she started her first day at the Sophiahemmet hospital where she is honorary chair.  See full article here

Sheep take over Turkish city during lockdown- Hundreds of sheep were on the loose in the Northern city of Samson.  It is unclear if they had escaped or whether they were being taken for a midnight stroll.  See full article here

Nike is donating 32,000 pairs of trainers to healthcare workers in the US and Europe- Nike air zoom shoes that have been specifically designed for doctors who are on their feet for long shifts will be shipped out to major cities around the world.  See full article here

In other good news, we finally located some bread flour to make pizzas in the lovey weekend weather that we have had!  


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