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Salesforce tells employees: "work from home until Summer 2021"

As the world gradually prepares to enable employees to return to working in offices, Salesforce has announced that it's permitting its employees to work from home until the summer of next year. Salesforce joins companies like Google in this announcement. 

Salesforce also announced 6 weeks extra leave for parents. This is all part of their plan to enable employees to plan ahead. 

It's important to acknowledge that working from home isn't ideal for all, and in some cases creates problems and reduces productivity. Particularly those who live close to the office, living in large cities does not always permit for large living spaces. Talking to your employees and understanding their situation is critical to productivity. It will be interesting to analyse productivity as the season turns. 

Salesforce is the latest of its peers to extend the option to work from home until next year, with Facebook, Google, Slack, and Uber among those that have given employees that option as well.


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