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Recycling 101: repurposing your content

Whether you're new to content marketing or a well-seasoned pro, we often come across the same barrier when we know it's time to write a piece of content: where on Earth do I start?!

Bringing out consistent and regular content can be tricky - sometimes you just don't find that spark of inspiration you need to get started. However, you don't always need to come up with brand-new, shiny ideas in order to create relevant and useful content.

It's easy to forget that so much content has often already been published by you or your firm. Professional services firms produce so many different types of content, from 100-page in-depth reports to podcast series and video interviews. Why spend the time and resource creating these when you don't squeeze every last drop out of them?

Explore through your content and try to assess the impact that each piece had. If an item of content performed particularly well then it is likely to be on a subject that resonated particularly well with your audience. How can you recreate that response?

Equally, maybe there was some content that performed well on some metrics but fell short on others - what was missing? Rework it to try again.

Here are some ideas for content to recycle and breathe new life into:

  • Long form reports: Break down longer reports into more easily digestible chunks, picking out highlights and explaining technically-dense parts in a more accessible way.
  • Podcasts and videos: Sometimes your clients don't have the time to listen to/watch half-hour long recordings, so try writing a summary of the topics covered or, again, picking out a key point and elaborating on it.
  • E-briefings or news articles: Often these articles are very factual and informative - add in some of your opinion and view on the matter in a more personal way.
  • Historic opinion pieces: have your views changed given recent experiences?

And the great thing is it doesn't stop there! If you find your repurposed content performed well, it's a sign to explore it again further in the future, keeping the cycle going by continuously trying new angles and viewpoints.


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