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A Problem Shared Is Half Solved - Part 1

The PM forum has been running a virtual mentoring session for marketers in professional services looking to climb the ladder, build confidence, raise their profile and get their voice heard within their firms.  The first part of the session was summarised very nicely by Silvia Van den Bruel (Hausfeld) and Sarah Longden (Quadrant Chambers) in the June edition of the PM forum magazine using a great framework by Claire Rason.

How to build confidence: It takes time to build your own profile and to act from a position of trust.

  • Think of a confident person and the attributes associated with them.  Lots are within your control so make a list and develop action points.
  • Trust needs to be earned.  Prepare for meetings with fee earners and present your findings because they love facts and figures and in turn, this will build your confidence.
  • Build a few key relationships to start with and add value where you can as this will then build confidence.
  • Trust in your own BD and marketing abilities it is why you were hired after all!  You aren't a fee earner and so don't be afraid to ask for clarification on technical terminology.  
  • Ask for feedback in a safe environment outside of your yearly appraisal.
  • Imposter syndrome is a real thing and can affect 70% of people at some stage.  Have faith in your own ability, don't be apologetic and lock in that sense of confidence.

How to raise your profile and be noticed: We all have the feeling at some point that we aren't being listened to and it can be difficult to juggle workload, family life and developing your skills and career development.

  • Think about what is important within your team and how you can add value and contribute
  • Prepare for meetings and anticipate possible questions and answers- you will get noticed as many people don't do this.
  • Put aside 45 minutes a day to focus on developing a skill, expanding your network internally and externally and expand your knowledge to cover any gaps.
  • Come up with a solution and always try to be first as it really helps with raising your profile.
  • Get in front of other people within your firm by helping with activities that may be outside of your job description.

How to get your voice heard within bigger teams:  It isn't always easy to be counted in larger firms but the same problem arises in busy firms no matter what the size.

  • Always be proactive and try to have touchpoints across the whole business so that you have access to other opportunities and projects that might be outside your normal remit.
  • Don't get hung up on job titles.  Be familiar with your actual responsibilities and with knowledge and experience, it becomes easier to get your voice heard.
  • Get to know people internally on a personal level where possible.  Showing empathy goes a long way and you can do this when you know where stresses and strains are.
  • Always pick up the phone and speak to people where possible as people will get to know you better and it is more personable.
  • You have a valuable contribution to make and be comfortable when talking about your achievements.

Some really great advice in part 1 and many of these points are echoed and put into practice with the marketing and BD teams we have worked with over the past 12 months here at passle.  What better way to build confidence, raise your profile and get your voice heard with a successful project that drives positive business outcomes.

The key is to be proactive and interact with as many elements of the business as possible to get noticed. Look for opportunities over and above your remit and volunteer for projects within the business where you will be exposed to more individuals.


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