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Giving your Future Stars the Chance to Shine - They might just Surprise you!

It was hard not to get dragged in by the promise of the women's U.S. Open final this weekend.  Rather than being the clichรฉd underdog story, this remarkable occasion saw two unseeded teenagers competing for the Grand Slam title.  

Two weeks ago, I, like many others had never heard of Britain's Emma Raducanu.  However, it piqued my attention that one of the players causing a storm in the tournament happened to be a British 18 year old - it always ups the ante having a horse in the race ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง! 

Raducanu took the game in straight sets, something she had made a habit of over the course of the tournament.  That's not at all to the discredit of her opponent, Canadian Leylah Fernandez, who battled ferociously to make the match a thrilling watch. 

With the win, Raducanu became Britain's first Grand Slam winner since 1977. 

It was amazing to watch the two young athletes compete with such poise, power and accuracy.  Both players, with their careers still well and truly ahead of them, will be determined to push on from this initial success.  Clearly showcasing the talent and ambition to excel, it will be interesting to observe how each progress within the world of tennis. 

Finding your Grand Slam Moments

Provided in the right circumstances, it is worth considering how you can provide opportunities to your younger colleagues to hone their skill set.  Mitigating risk, think about how you can expose your junior staff to activities that will force them to grow and develop.  I'm not saying drop them in your equivalent of a Grand Slam final on day one.  However, do think about how you can build them up to be ready for the occasion.  

Of all the activities junior colleagues can participate in - gaining greater exposure in client meetings, delivering pitches to prospects, project-work, being more involved at client events, etc - developing and sharing thought-provoking ideas should certainly be up there.  Thought Leadership & content doesn't always have to come from senior staff members.  No one person has a monopoly on good ideas and your content programme should be reflective of this. 

Whichever activities you believe are the best fit for your team, make sure the people involved in doing the work are the ones to get the credit.  Create a supportive environment and celebrate success.  This will go a long way in developing your future leaders, keeping them motivated, and ultimately them wanting to succeed in your business. 

Emma Raducanu, the 18-year-old British phenom, completed a shocking run through the U.S. Open with a straight-sets victory over Leylah Fernandez of Canada on Saturday for a title that will surely go down as one of the great underdog journeys in the history of sports.


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