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Passle’s commitment to #BreakTheBias

For many women, a career in technology doesn’t come easily. Gendered assumptions and biases, often subconsciously so, cause impediments and blocks for women at all levels. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to raise awareness and break down those barriers. 

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is to #BreakTheBias. The manifesto says “Imagine a gender equitable world. A world without prejudice, stereotypes, or discrimination.”

It is about fighting for a diverse, equitable and inclusive world, one where all of our differences are valued and celebrated.

At Passle, we’re proud of our 42.5% female workforce

To demonstrate our support and solidarity in accelerating women's equality and building an inclusive world, our women-in-tech employee network has been reflecting on what being a woman working in tech means to them, and their professional journeys so far. 

To help #BreakTheBias, collectively we pledge to:

  • Create visibility of women in the technology sector
  • Celebrate women's achievements
  • Empower other women to unite in the face of inequality
  • Encourage girls to follow their passions and dreams in STEM roles
  • Continue supporting and growing diversity and equity in the workplace
  • Ensure our peers' voices and achievements are promoted with equity
  • Challenge gender stereotypes, discrimination & bias
  • Inspire girls to be confident that even without a computer science degree, they can pursue career in tech
  • Use and encourage others to apply an intersectional lens, that allows us all to really value diversity and overcome barriers of inclusion
  • Make Passle a great place for people of all genders to work and ensure our internal policies reflect and fulfil this aim
  • Call out gender bias and support those affected by discrimination
  • Educate boys on having a gender equal mindset and to celebrate women's achievements
  • Pay it forward and help other women break into tech and find meaningful, fulfilling careers in tech

Now, over to you. We invite you to take a pledge and show your support and solidarity in building a gender equal and inclusive world. What’s your pledge?

The greater the support, the greater the impact. We invite you to get involved and make a pledge on how you will help #BreakTheBias and show your commitment to ensuring a gender equal and inclusive world for the present and for future generations to come.


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