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Has your firm got a marketing platform for success?

Successful marketing functions in professional services firms are those that contribute at the highest levels to the success and competitive advantage of the firm.

We've had the privilege of working with many of these successful marketing functions at pre-eminent law firms, advisory businesses & consulting companies - both as clients of Passle and as guests on our CMO Series Podcast.

What all these successful marketing teams have accomplished is that they build a successful platform for the firm and its professionals to build their brands and revenue streams. 

These platforms are the collection of the firm's marketing and BD processes, infrastructure and practices. They are the foundation that the firm's overall success and the success of individual lawyers is based on.

Having the right platform in place elevates the marketing team beyond their day-to-day repetitive tasks and allows time to focus on the needs of clients & the process of growth. 

The Professional Services Marketing Platform

1. A digital platform, influencing all client touchpoints, both offline and online

2. An inclusive platform, empowering the firm's diverse and knowledgeable professionals

3. An agile platform, pivoting when needed to help the firm respond to market developments

4. A broad-reaching platform, reaching the firm's markets across all relevant channels

5. A widely integrated platform, delivering integrated feedback from all their channels, showing the impact that marketing & BD efforts have on client relationships and revenue

When a firm has built a platform that has all of these characteristics its marketing function can focus on actually doing marketing, on understanding the goals and opportunities for the firm.

Firms that haven't established an effective platform for their professionals find their marketing team in the weeds, struggling with the day to day requests that their competition has mastered. In such firms, marketing is a hard place to be, under-compensated, under-promoted and less respected than their peers.


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