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It's Martech Day! Check out the latest Marketing Technology Landscape 2022 Map

Today (May 3rd) is Martech Day apparently.  It means that Scott Brinker and Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe have once again pulled together a crazy looking map of all the Martech service providers from around the world - and published the attached report on the State of Martech for 2022.  They have done this since 2011 and it is very interesting to see the explosion in the number of firms offering solutions in last 11 years.

In summary:  As of 3 May 2022 there are 9,932 martech solutions - up 24% from 2020 - mapped into 49 categories.  The largest growth happened in the categories of Content & Experience, Commerce & Sales, and Management. 

You can explore it properly at - you have to register but it is free and if like me you are interested in the evolution of Martech it is fascinating. 

Go and find Passle!  It is like a game Where's Wally!

I’m delighted to finally share with you the 2022 marketing technology landscape, a joint production between myself and Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe (and a whole bunch of wonderful contributors).


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