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What digital distribution channels should a law firm use?

For firms looking to maximise the reach of their content, there are a number of options but as Mark Ritson puts it in the video above:

"It's time to come back to the idea of a campaign."

The research shows very clearly that diversifying across many platforms (aka 'a campaign') increases the value of the content. 

At Passle we are often asked, what the best platforms to distribute legal content are? Should we use Lexology, Mondaq, JD Supra or others? 

And the answer is All of Them - for two reasons.

First, as argued by Mr. Ritson, the cumulative effect of multiple touch points, particularly in multiple environments is extremely, and demonstrably effective. 

Second, the cost of using all these platforms is very small in comparison to the cost of creating the content and utterly insignificant when weighed against the value that they bring. 

Please, please, please invest in your digital distribution channels!


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