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How to market your firm on a small budget

From an external perspective, trying to be included in a professional marketing firm's budget is difficult. Particularly so when our product here at passle, solves a content problem that often doesn't have an ROI or tangible commercial outcome attributed to it by our prospects.  

The internal view for many firms with limited budgets is what marketing mix should I choose.  A recent article by Michelle Daniels, a director at the marketing consultancy Extended Thinking, highlights ten very handy tactics that could and should be used in a marketer's tool kit.  Firstly though, Michelle suggests that one of the quick and easy wins should always be to ''keep on your contacts', clients' and prospective clients' radars to keep afloat.''

1/ Play to the current point in the natural, fiscal or business year

The current time of year is important as you can share insights, news and offers that will get onto people's radars.  New legislation and a new tax year are obvious examples whereby you can hone your messaging and offers.

2/ Get Personal

Make your communications personalised and tailored- especially if clients and prospects have signed up for your marketing efforts.  There is a lot of noise in the market and so being able to cut through it is very important.  Standing out from the inbox can actually mean looking at alternatives like printed direct mail.  This can make a real impression and can be done in an environmentally friendly way. In a digital and physical form though, a call to action is needed.

3/ Keep your social media profiles fresh and engaging

Build a loyal following and keep them engaged with fresh and interesting content.  Always use images and mix up the format to incorporate audio and video files.  Follow your clients and prospects in terms of the platforms that they use to make sure that your messaging reaches them.  On platforms like Linkedin, it is important to interact with any comments and likes or inbox messages as quickly as you and your users can.  Advertising and boosting your company page is also surprisingly good value and effective.  Here at passle we help give a voice to lawyers and attorneys so that they can produce their own authentic content and then share it with the relevant channel.

4/ Use a survey

You can build some content marketing by directly asking clients what their pain points are or what they are most interested in.  Software like survey monkey doesn't cost anything and is really easy to set up and use.  Be sure to then elaborate on the findings, be the spokesperson and subtly relay everything back to your firm's expertise.  

5/ Get Out

Now that things have opened up again and depending on your target market, a great way to be visible as a firm and team is to go and mingle!  A blend of online and in-person events can be a great mix.  A number of our clients then use passle to produce short summaries and key takeaways for those that did and didn't make the events.  Don't forget to use your supplier network as well as they often host valuable events with a chance to grow business but also useful suppliers.  

6/ Collect ideas from your website and online advertising analytics

Look beyond the traffic volumes and concentrate on the words and phrases that users are putting into search engines to get to you.  Explore which pages on your site are actually bringing in the most traffic- these can often be insight-led and the ones that can be pushed out to market.  Be aware that Google is phasing out the widely used Google Analytics Universal in favour of GA4 .  In terms of online ad campaigns, always make sure you are refining and adjusting on a regular basis and just like with social media, make sure you mirror when your target audience is online.

7/ Create an event to bring clients in

Create an opportunity to build an event and bring extra appeal like an outside expert speaker that clients don't normally have access to.  Looking at panels of speakers as an attendee can get even more value- always follow up with added insight post-event.

8/ Make more of your email signature

If email is one of the main forms of communication for your firm then always link the email signature to a relevant piece of news or insight.  This helps to showcase the expertise of the firm.  Similarly, always make sure the website is content-rich as this can often help drive people into your domain and keep them there.  This will often be the first port of call for a new client and on the other hand, it justifies spending on the new shiny website.

9/ Do a good deed

It is hard to get your business in the press and so when the opportunity comes make the most of it by being authentic.  Support good causes and do things that fit into your company ethos not just to tick boxes.  Don't blatantly try to sell the firm linked to charity events for instance.

10/ Capitalise on a news story

This is all about speed to market and often explaining to clients and prospects exactly what the latest budget or change in legislation means to them.  Journalists often use platforms to request expert commentary and so it is worth building a networker getting them to sign up for your insights.  Quick thinking combined with a good relationship can often mean that your story and comments from the firm will be taken ahead of others.  

In summary, a good marketing mix doesn't need to cost the earth and it needs refining on an ongoing basis.  Interestingly, passle can help with a number of the above tactics, especially number 10!


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