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Why we made Passle available as a Headless Content Management System

Passle has always enabled the busy specialists within a professional services firm to create content that demonstrates their expertise online. Whether that be through commentary, podcasts, rich media or video, the goal remains the same; to engage their audience with useful, relevant, timely posts. 

There are now a wide array of channels that the content might be consumed through, so we adopted a "Create Once, Publish Everywhere" approach to partnering with the wider tech ecosystem. This has led to much greater reach for our authors and consequently much greater return from their content, and much richer feedback on how each channel delivers value. 

To support our partners and our mutual clients, we have also published a set of APIs that enable Passle content to be delivered into pretty much any environment. Documentation about these is here

However, it is not until you see the ease with which Passle's entire workflow and feedback can be integrated with a WordPress site through a Plugin, that the power of a fully Headless Content Management System becomes clear. 

Have a watch of the 90-second video above and you'll see what I mean...

A headless CMS can deliver your content through an API directly to where you need it. Because of the headless approach the content can be used on an iOS app, Android app as well as any platform and technology you can think of and is therefore a powerful option for mobile and web developers.


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