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LMA Mid-Atlantic - Insights from the Top

It was fantastic to catch up with so many old friends in DC yesterday at the Legal Marketing Association Mid-Atlantic Conference.  We have not been altogether in person for 3 years.  It was so much fun.

A highlight was the closing session.  A panel of Marketing and Busines Development leaders from our region:

  • Katie Munroe, CMO, Zuckerman Spaeder (Moderator)
  • Heather Reid, CBDMO, Miles & Stockbridge
  • Chris Hummel Director of Marketing, Communications & Business Development Banner Witcoff
  • Kimberly Rennick CMBDO, Allen & Overy

Here are our takeaways:

We had fully expected them all to say they expect economic headwinds but in fact, there was a lot talk about being in 'growth mode'.

Kimberly said that Allen & Overy is in extreme growth mode in the US. Her challenge, like many in the industry this year, has been to get the best people. To stay competitive A&O has hired fully remote employees throughout the US and it has worked very well. “Let your team members know they're trusted, the work speaks for itself," said Kimberly.  To give you an idea of how busy they have been - A&O have run 176 events out of 188 working days since the beginning of January!!

Heather has been very busy too. Miles & Stockbridge is also in growth mode with a prioritization given more and more to business development. ”I'm super proud of what my small little team accomplished this year, as a team, we came together in a hybrid environment and we have all had to wear different hats Ops doing BD, different people doing social. We all pulled together which made me so proud of them” said Heather.

When it comes to budget Chris said that Banner Witcoff is focusing spending on in-person activity with clients travelling to see them whenever they can.

Heather and Kimberly shared advice for marketing and BD managers preparing their business plans for their attorneys for next year.  Here is what they advised:

  • Heather: “Small steps lead to big outcomes, keep it actionable, then measure and report. It is easy to become overwhelmed".
  • Kimberly: “Often times the most important stroke an artist makes is the one they don’t make - at the end when they stop”. "Think about any great company, do you think they don’t have a multitude of opportunities they also have to say no to? Say no to good to pursue the great. Be courageous".

What impressed the most about this group of leaders was their universal agreement that the greatest pride they have in their jobs comes from when their team members do well.  

They also want to let their team members know that those working with them - further down the hierarchy - have their 100% support.  They wanted to let them know that even when they cannot share everything they are doing they are going in to bat for them. Chris tells Marketing and BD managers "Know that leadership does know about the things you're doing.  They see your accomplishments"  Their team members might not always get exactly what they want straight away but just because they do not see immediate results does not mean that leadership is not lobbying hard on their behalf. Much of what they do they cannot share but they have their team members' backs and are incredibly proud of them.

And finally... All panelists said if you are in a marketing or BD team please 'manage up'.  Do not just do the obvious - dig into the request, think about why it was made, work out what the next steps could be and advise.  Do not worry about failure or negative feedback.  Be brave!

It was a great way to finish a brilliant day.  Thanks to Terra Liddell, Diana Dillon, Arthur Uratani and all the LMA Mid-Atlantic Committee.  Sterling effort. Great fun.

This picture is nothing to do with the panel but I am also extremely proud of my team - even at 07.00 am on a Tuesday morning trying hard (and failing a bit) to put together our stand!!  Freddy, Ali and Ed we missed you.


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