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Building a Platform for Content Marketing Success

This insightful article by technology experts, 3chillies, shares how Passle helps make creating, publishing, distributing, and reporting back on content easier and more impactful for time-poor professionals. 

Read the article to learn how Passle can make life easier for professionals and their digital marketing teams, by: 

  1. Reducing barriers to content creation for professional staff 
  2. Setting the right content management workflow
  3. Supporting omnichannel publishing 
  4. Providing analytics and insight into the success of published content 

There are a number of reasons why professional services marketers can struggle to get their firm’s content marketing strategy off the ground. 

We know professionals are busy, so getting their valuable expertise on a topic is always the first hurdle. Having the right platform to support your professionals is critical. A complicated content management system (CMS) can be off-putting and confusing for even the most eager author, and become a barrier to publishing content. 

Even with the support of a digital marketing team, there are other challenges to overcome, such as getting time-sensitive content approved promptly and ensuring it’s distributed to all of the available social media channels. 

Using a CMS with an easier editing experience and a more streamlined publishing process can have a significant impact.


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