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The top 6 legal marketing podcasts for 2024

We're constantly getting feedback from people on how they can't get enough of the Passle CMO Series Podcast. If you're craving more top legal marketing podcasts, we've put together a curated list of the six picks we'd recommend.

These podcasts offer valuable insights, strategies, and trends to enhance your legal marketing game.


1. The Law Firm Marketing Minute

Frequency: One episode per week
Duration: Short bursts (around 6 minutes)
Description: The Law Firm Marketing Minute delivers quick and practical marketing advice tailored specifically for lawyers. From internet marketing strategies to branding tips, this podcast provides concise insights to boost your legal practice.


2. Passle CMO Series Podcast

Host: Charlotte Knight & the Passle Commercial team
Frequency: New episodes released every Tuesday
Guests: Legal industry thought leaders
Legal Marketing Topics: Join the industry's top CMOs and the Passle team as they dive into the latest legal marketing trends, best practices for growth, and business development insights. 

Recent episodes have explored the modernization of marketing and BD in law, how to build an effective approach to BD, and crafting a successful digital presence.

If you're interested in DE&I, keep a lookout for CMO Series REPRESENTS, a spin-off of the CMO Series Podcast focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal industry.

3. Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast by Good2bSocial

Host: Guy Alvarez
Frequency: One episode per week
Duration: Approximately 23 minutes
Guests: Legal marketing experts, industry professionals
Legal Marketing Topics: Explore the intersection of legal marketing and technology. Recent episodes have covered the importance of presenting an authentic image on social media, raising brand awareness through podcasts and videos, and advancing careers in professional services marketing.


4. LMA Strategies and Voices Podcast

Focus: Hot topics in legal marketing, member education, and the business of law
Availability: Available on SoundCloud, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts
Notable Episodes: Discussions on effective leadership, emotional intelligence, client-centric law, and more.

Link: Tune in to LMA Podcast


5. On Record PR Podcast - Furia Rubel Communications

Host: Gina Rubel, CEO of Furia Rubel Communications
Frequency: Varies
Guests: Legal professionals, PR experts, and marketing strategists
Legal Marketing Topics: Crisis communication, reputation management, legal PR, and branding.


6. Mo Bunnell Real Relationships, Real Revenue Podcast

Host: Mo Bunnell, Founder of Bunnell Idea Group
Frequency: Regular episodes
Duration: Varies
Guests: Some of the most successful people on the planet
What to Expect: Mo interviews thought leaders, extracting actionable insights that can be applied to business growth. Whether you’re looking to enhance your relationship skills, expand your book of business, or simply learn from the best, this podcast delivers.

Link: Listen to Mo Bunnell Real Relationships, Real Revenue Podcast


Why listen to Legal marketing podcasts?

For those wishing to gain better insight, to up their game and further their career, these podcasts offer actionable advice, industry trends, and success stories, empowering legal marketing and BD professionals to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Remember to subscribe to these podcasts and stay informed about the ever-evolving legal marketing landscape.



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