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PRODUCT UPDATE: What's new from Passle?

In our latest sprint, named after the sweet Lychee liqueur ‘Kwai Feh’, we have introduced a new way for administrators to manage their company media, and revamped the post approval interface, enhancing clarity for both authors and approvers.

If you want to learn more about the updates or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Passle Client Success Team.

Here is a quick overview of our new features and enhancements

Manage media library

Administrators are now able to view and manage all the media that has been uploaded to each of their Passles in one place. 

We have added some new features to make the management of your media even easier:

  • Bulk upload: Upload multiple files at the same time, either using ‘drag and drop’ or by selecting multiple files from your browser. 
  • Search by file name: You are now able to search through your media library using the file name. 
  • Renaming files: To make searching easier, you can rename files (up to 125 characters) to something more descriptive. 
  • Filter by used media: Filter media based on its usage, for example, if it has been used as a featured image. You can also filter by ‘Popular’. An image is marked as popular if it has been used more than five times.
  • Filter by media type: Easily filter your media by image, PDF, video or audio. 

Enhanced Manage media library (Enterprise) 

As well as all the above features, for our Enterprise clients, who may have more complex media libraries, we have included some additional features to better help manage larger media libraries. This includes: 

  • Folders: To better organise your media, you can now create folders. This will allow your company to group your media by practice, sectors or team. 
  • Company media: You can also create folders that can be shared across the entire company. This could, for example, be branding assets that you would like all your users, across the company, to have access to. 
  • Move files between folders: To help organise your existing media, you are able to move media within the Passle or move Passle media to a company media folder. To make it even easier, you can also ‘drag and drop’ media between files.
  • Bulk actions: In addition to the above, to help organise your media, you can also perform some bulk actions, including bulk deleting or bulk moving to a new folder.

New Media Picker design

To support the new media updates, we have made some updates to the Media Picker in the edit post page, including an improved interface, for easier navigation between media options. 

  • Search by file name: Authors can now search the media library by file name. 
  • Filters: Easily filter the library to select from the most appropriate media. Filters include:
    • Media type: Images, PDF, Video or Audio 
    • Usage: Easily see which images have already been used.
    • Folders (Enterprise only): Filter media by a specific folder or select company media.

Improved Approvals process design 

The post approval interface has undergone significant design improvements, focusing on simplicity and usability. Authors and approvers now have the flexibility to toggle between a detailed or a condensed view of the approval process. 

We've introduced a progress timeline, to indicate the current stage in the approval process. This feature is particularly beneficial for clients using a two-step approval process.

The new approval design showing a 2-step approval process. 

Additionally, we've implemented a reverse chronological conversational history view. This provides clear tracking of feedback and comments.

The new approval design showing a single-step approval process. 

Quick Share option for LinkedIn now included with Passle Gateway 

Passle users can now leverage the LinkedIn Quick Share feature through the Passle Gateway. This new functionality enables users to share not only their own posts but also effortlessly share their colleagues' posts.

Other key changes in this update, including enhancements or minor tweaks to our existing features

  • Improvements to Mondaq data displayed on Passle.
  • Change of position on the interface for the Company Guidelines link.
  • Accessibility update: change of warning message button text colour to meet contrast standards. 

If you would like to know more, read our Release Notes: 27 March - 3.1.1 (Kwai Feh) which includes a complete list of all new features, enhancements, bug fixes and sunsetted features for this release.

And finally, your feedback is crucial in driving our future updates and ensuring that Passle remains a platform that meets your evolving needs. So please don't hesitate to reach out to the Product Team if you have any ideas or suggestions for new features or improvements. 


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