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Leveraging LinkedIn to Transform your Lawyers from Experts to Activators

Empowering lawyers to become ‘Activators is a great way to increase the reach of your firm's thought leadership.  While legal marketing teams spend a lot of resource on engaging their lawyers to create more client-focused content, a huge opportunity lies in leveraging the insights you are already publishing towards your firm's business development endeavours.

Fresh, insightful content is key to attracting clients and prospects to any firm's website. To achieve this at scale, however, your subject-matter experts are best placed to disseminate these insights with their rich networks and engaged audiences. Often the barrier to success lies in your lawyers' understanding of the value in these activities and engaging with the right tools.

Utilising tools like LinkedIn can significantly boost a lawyer's online presence, allowing them to wield the potential of their individual networks and help drive targeted traffic to your firm’s website. As firms look to take a lead-generation approach to their websites, it's crucial to consider how Marketing & BD teams can empower lawyers to not only create thought-leadership pieces, but to build a strong online network in which to share them.

Lawyers who harness their online presence are able to capitalise on opportunities by staying connected with clients and prospects during regulatory or economic changes while sharing timely and relevant insights.

Activators help current and prospective clients by curating information (about regulatory changes, court rulings, economic indicators, news events, and so on) that they need to be aware of. Activators then proactively engage clients in conversations about potential issues and opportunities.

In today’s market, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn can be a game-changer for lawyers looking to expand their network and stay connected with clients. By providing regular guidance and feedback, Marketing & Business Development professionals can help transform lawyers from “Experts” to “Activators” by offering access to the right tools and support.

At Passle, we shine a light on lawyers' networks at the inception of a thought-leadership program. The trend we see? Lawyers who understand the impact of content and make use of the tools provided, drastically increase engagement with their online networks. 

Increasing Lawyer LinkedIn Activity

Number of Posts Published per Lawyer

Often, what follows this, is growth in the networks of each lawyer as they build their profiles as thought-leaders and trusted advisers and, importantly, an increase in targeted traffic to the firm's website. 

Activators are network builders. They spend a significant portion of their business-development time identifying and engaging with prospective clients through tools such as LinkedIn and at industry and firm-sponsored events.


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