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CMO Series Live - The morning highlights (part 1)

CMO Series Live - The morning highlights (part 1)

Reporting from the heart of the action at CMO Series Live in New York, we’re bringing you the insights from the first half of the morning sessions.

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Session 1 - How to Build Influence & Gain Buy-In for Change

Trish Lilley, the Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Thompson Coburn, led a masterclass on driving transformation within firms. 

A quote from Trish that captures the core of her session:

“People don’t benefit from the full strength of their teams because they don’t ask about their backgrounds”
Here are the key takeaways from the session:

Executive presence and connection - Trish emphasized the importance of building strong, genuine connections with attorneys and stakeholders to gain influence. 

Having gravitas in the room - Trish shared practical tips on maintaining confidence, clarity, and poise during discussions, ensuring your voice is heard and respected.

The power of preparedness - Thorough preparation not only boosts your confidence but also demonstrates your commitment and expertise. This, in turn, earns you credibility and buy-in from your colleagues.

Anticipating and tackling resistance - Understanding potential objections and preparing thoughtful responses can turn skeptics into supporters, making the transformation process smoother and more successful.


Session 2 - Unlocking Data’s Potential for Business Development

Kelly Harbour, Chief Business Development Officer at Goulston & Storrs, and Terra Liddell, Chief Marketing Officer at Finnegan teamed up to delve into the impact of data-driven strategies on business development. 

Terra shared a thought that many marketers would do well to bear in mind:

‘You do not need to boil the ocean. Start small and be prepared to do it manually the first time.’ -Terra Liddell

They shared their experiences of embracing a data-driven approach and making it a cornerstone of success for their respective firms. 

Insights included:

  • Where to start your data journey - Understanding where to begin when integrating data into business development strategies.
  • The role of strategy - Questioning the necessity of developing a comprehensive strategy and identifying the value of adaptability.
  • Embracing technology - Exploring the role of technology and digital solutions in using data most effectively.
  • Driving new business - Harnessing the power of data to engage partners and create sustainable business growth.


Session 3 - Human Before AI: Integrating Generative AI with Your Experts

Gunderson Dettmer's Joe Green and Monica Rodriguez Kuniyoshi shared their insights on integrating AI while preserving the human touch. They discussed the role of AI in achieving differentiation and maintaining the uniqueness of the firm's voice.

“25 years ago was a different world in legal marketing - it’s unrecognizable as an industry” - Monica Rodriguez Kuniyoshi, CMO at Gunderson Dettmer 

Monica emphasizes the importance of embracing and marrying human intelligence within law firms with artificial intelligence.

“We actually allowed all of our attorneys to use ChatGPT, with some guardrails in place.”
- Joe Green, Chief Innovation Officer at Gunderson Dettmer 

Joe discusses the evolution of AI at the firm and how they went on to build their own tool - ChatGD

Let's dive into the key takeaways:

  • Understanding AI integration - Gunderson Dettmer's early adoption of AI provided valuable insights into strategic integration. They discussed the importance of incorporating AI while maintaining the human touch that defines their brand.
  • Achieving differentiation with AI - Attendees learned how AI enhances capabilities and delivers unique value to clients, enabling differentiation.
  • Retaining the human voice - Attendees gained insights into how Gunderson Dettmer maintains human expertise while leveraging AI's capabilities, ensuring a balanced approach.
  • Preserving the brand voice - Joe and Monica provided practical strategies for training AI to preserve the firm's voice.
  • Strategic implementation - Gunderson Dettmer's approach to AI integration highlighted the need for strategic decision-making. 

Stay tuned for more updates as CMO Series Live continues to unfold.


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