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LinkedIn's new Ad network: Lead Accelerator

LinkedIn is coming through with its b2b marketing tools. Although this seems technically straight-forward for the website owner, the process to actually buy the product from LinkedIn sounds pretty onerous and the website needs to have 20,000 site visits per month. For Professional Services firms, that is a big number.

Chief among LinkedIn's new b2b advertising products is "LinkedIn Lead Accelerator," which allows brands to place a pixel on their websites, which uses cookies to identify LinkedIn users so advertisers can get a better understanding as to the types of people visiting. LinkedIn says that currently, most website owners only actually know about 5% of their visitors, and that LinkedIn Lead Accelerator fills in that gap. The data is all anonymized: Advertisers won't know you visited their website, but they will know that 30% of their visitors are finance directors from London, for example. Users can opt out of this form of targeting via their LinkedIn settings.


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