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Law firm heritage and the 21century

Many brands make a strong play on their heritage - it is a tried and tested marketing strategy for the discerning consumer brand.

But what of b2b brands. Does a claim to be the oldest, longest established really carry any weight with clients and customers. Do they care that you have been 'delivering great service since XXXX'. And just how old do you have to be? Est.1960? 1901? 1876? 1570?

Law firms in particular like this approach. This week Kent law firm Thomson Snell and Passmore was crowned by the Guinness World Records as the oldest law firm in the UK. That is quite an achievement, and one to be rightly proud of.

But age in itself for professional services brands is not perhaps the best way to differentiate. Old can all to easily be misconstrued as old-fashioned, stuffy and out of touch - particularly in the legal profession.

Celebrate age by all means, but make sure it is balanced by a strong message that marks your 21 century credentials.

A law firm in Kent will be honoured by Guinness World Records as the oldest in the world still in operation. Thomson Snell & Passmore, based in Tunbridge Wells and Dartford, was launched in 1570 by Nicholas Hooper, a curate of the Tonbridge Parish Church.


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